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Maggio v. First Solar Corporation

Construction worker electrocuted on job site after safety procedure failure by First Solar Corporation. Kermani LLP recovered $51.3 Million for the Plaintiffs severe injuries.

$51.3 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Siddique v. Confidential

A child was tragically killed at a major retailer and our team fought to obtain the largest child wrongful death settlement in Georgia history.

$7.5 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Salah v. Confidential

A small company attempted to unjustly deprive our clients of their rightful share of the partnership profits. Kermani LLP's aggressive litigation led to court-ordered millions for our clients prior to the company's bankruptcy.

$4.49 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Tufele v. Confidential

Our clients were assaulted by a criminal gang at a bar. Through diligent investigation, we exposed the landlord's questionable history, resulting in a successful $3.1 Million settlement from the landlord.

$3.1 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Faiz v. Confidential

Our client's daughter experienced an incident on the freeway, resulting in her death, caused by a motorist with insufficient insurance coverage. With aggressive litigation, we obtained a big settlement from the non-liable employer for damages.

$2.35 Million

Verdict / Settlement

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Kermani LLP Attorney Ray Kermani

Ray Kermani


Kermani LLP Attorney Hani Ganji

Mohamad Ahmad


Kermani LLP Attorney Mohamad Ahmad

Hani Ganji


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Personal Attention & Results: We’re highly-rated by our clients and have recovered over $100M in combined verdicts and settlements.

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We’re highly-experienced and client-focused. We fight because we care about your cause. Let one of our lawyers fight to get you the results you deserve.

No fees unless we win

Kermani LLP handles personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means, you don’t pay a thing unless we win.

Experienced trial attorneys

What sets us apart is our vast trial experience. We’ve litigated over 100 trials in the past five years alone with one of the highest success rates in the country.

Focus on personal injury cases

Our attorneys specialize in personal injury cases and we are dedicated to pursuing justice on behalf of our clients.

Available 24/7

We are available 24 hours a day to serve you. You can always count on Kermani LLP to be there when you need us the most.

Multilingual staff

Kermani LLP is proud to be a diverse and multi-cultural firm. Our legal experts speak your language and are ready to assist you 24/7.

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Selecting the Best Personal Injury Law Firm for Your Case

When you’re looking for the best personal injury law firm to take on your case, there is a lot to consider. Here are just some of the many advantages you’ll get if you choose to work with the experienced personal injury attorneys here at Kermani LLP:

  • Highly rated and recommended by former clients
  • Recognized in the industry with high ratings on SuperLawyers and Avvo
  • Respected in local courtrooms
  • Proven results

With so many options for lawyers for personal injuries, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Despite that, it’s crucial for you to carefully consider the qualifications of each law firm you vet before you hire them.


You only have one shot at justice, so you need the best at your side.

At Kermani LLP, our injury lawyers take a solid, sturdy approach to every claim we take on. First, we take a deep dive into the circumstances of your accident. Our personal injury lawyers want to know everything we can about what happened, who was involved, the injuries you sustained, and the overall impact the accident has had on your quality of life.

This research stage is where many of our victories are won.


This front-loaded legal strategy helps our team build a rock-solid case from the beginning. By the time we approach the liable party with your case, they’ll have very little room to contest your claims since we make sure to document every claim we make with hard evidence.

If the other party doesn’t accept your settlement estimate, then you can lean on Kermani LLP’s extensive courtroom expertise as we prepare your claim to go to trial. We won’t back down, and we won’t allow our clients to settle for less than what they deserve.

Legal advocacy starts with client support and compassionate client treatment. One thing that makes our firm stand out is how Kermani LLP personalizes every case. We never treat you like another case number or another dollar.

Kermani LLP is here to help you secure justice and move forward from your accident with the resources you need.

Ray Kermani
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Due diligence got me only so far as I went through three seemingly great law firms before finding Kermani LLP right here on yelp. They were fantastic.

Testimonial Author Kermani LLP

Mary W.

Former Client

When I was hurt in a bike accident last year, a friend recommended I get a lawyer and sent me to Ray Kermani. Ray and his team knew exactly what needed to be done and took care of everything.

Testimonial Author Kermani LLP

Anna F.

Former Client

Ray is one of the easiest people to work with. His communication is great and he always walks you through the steps. I was little down after my accident. He got me paid quickly and way more than I thought was even possible. He goes the extra mile.

Testimonial Author Kermani LLP

Seema P.

Former Client

The staff is super friendly, approachable and responsive. They provide one on one attention, unless most law firms that just answer calls and want you money.

Testimonial Author Kermani LLP

Shobeir S.

Former Client

They took what was a complicated case that most law firms wouldn't touch, and turned it into a large six figure judgment.

Testimonial Author Kermani LLP

Sanaz A.

Former Client

Best law firm. They know how to win a case at trial, unlike most law firms that advertise as such. They will push every button that needs to be done to win your case. I was super satisfied.

Testimonial Author Kermani LLP

Adil L.

Former Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Ray Kermani
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Contact our personal injury legal team for a free case evaluation.

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How to choose a personal injury attorney?

You should choose a personal injury attorney based on their level of experience, past results, reviews from previous clients, and the time they have available to take on your claim. Reach out to Kermani LLP’s personal injury lawyers and have a free consultation to evaluate your specific case.

How to find the best personal injury lawyer?

You can find the best personal injury lawyer by starting your search locally. Check out Kermani LLP's past case results and testimonials from previous clients to be sure you're choosing a firm with a strong track record.

Can I file a personal injury claim without a lawyer?

Yes, you can. However, having a trusted lawyer is a huge advantage if you’re seeking out a claim.

What questions should I ask my personal injury lawyer?

You should ask your lawyer what experience they have, what they’ve done for similar clients in the past, and how much time they have to devote to your claim. These questions should help you determine if the lawyer is a good fit to represent you.

How much do personal injury attorneys charge?

At Kermani LLP, our approach to payment for personal injury cases is client-friendly and straightforward. This means that you, as our client, are not required to pay any attorney's fees upfront. Instead, our payment is contingent upon the successful resolution of your case. When we win your case, Kermani LLP will receive an agreed-upon percentage of the settlement or award.

When should I contact a personal injury lawyer?

You should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer if you’ve experienced an accident, are suffering from significant losses, believe someone else had a legal duty to provide for your care and think the accident was someone else’s fault. A lawyer will help you determine your next best move.

How is the compensation amount determined in a personal injury case?

In a personal injury claim, the injured party should receive a compensation award that matches the extent of their losses. This amount should restore the injured person back to the financial position they were in prior to the accident. In some very rare situations, the injured party may receive compensation in the form of punitive damages, which is meant to financially penalize an extremely reckless party.

What is the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim?

In general, you have two years from the date of the accident or the date your injuries are discovered to file a personal injury claim for compensation.

What types of damages can I seek in a personal injury lawsuit?

In general, you can seek damages for any losses you experience associated with the accident. This can include compensation in the form of property damage, medical care costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, a loss of support, and more depending on your situation.

How long does a personal injury lawsuit typically take?

The time it takes for your claim to resolve depends on the evidence you have, the extent of the opposing side’s legal resources, the extent of your losses, and the strength of the claim that you present upfront. In general, small claims that are presented strongly will resolve quickly, while claims with major losses, multiple parties, complex situations, or big legal teams will take longer.

Will my personal injury case go to trial?

Most personal injury claims do not go to trial. Instead, they get settled outside of court. If you present a strong claim upfront, then your claim is more likely to resolve quickly and outside of court.

How do I know if I have a valid personal injury case?

A valid personal injury claim has each of the following elements:

  1. One party has a legal duty to provide for the care of someone else.
  2. That party breaches their duty of care.
  3. This breach of duty causes an accident.
  4. The accident leads to specific injuries and losses.

You’ll need to prove each of these elements to succeed with your claim. Determining whether someone has a legal duty to provide for your care will be a challenge unless you know the law well. That said, a lawyer can help you analyze your circumstances and determine if you have the basis for a claim.


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South Bay Bar Association

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The South Bay Bar Association is a professional group for attorneys in the South Bay area.

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Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles

CAALA is a professional organization for lawyers representing plaintiffs in civil litigation.

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Consumer Attorneys of California

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Kermani LLP is recognized as the leading law firm in Illinois for handling sex abuse cases. Their team of skilled attorneys specializes in providing comprehensive legal representation to survivors, ensuring their voices are heard and justice is served.