Our recent verdicts and settlements

Maggio v. First Solar Corporation

Construction worker electrocuted on job site after safety procedure failure by First Solar Corporation. Kermani LLP recovered $51.3 Million for the Plaintiffs severe injuries.

$51.3 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Siddique v. Confidential

A child was tragically killed at a major retailer and our team fought to obtain the largest child wrongful death settlement in Georgia history.

$7.5 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Salah v. Confidential

A small company attempted to unjustly deprive our clients of their rightful share of the partnership profits. Kermani LLP's aggressive litigation led to court-ordered millions for our clients prior to the company's bankruptcy.

$4.49 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Tufele v. Confidential

Our clients were assaulted by a criminal gang at a bar. Through diligent investigation, we exposed the landlord's questionable history, resulting in a successful $3.1 Million settlement from the landlord.

$3.1 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Faiz v. Confidential

Our client's daughter experienced an incident on the freeway, resulting in her death, caused by a motorist with insufficient insurance coverage. With aggressive litigation, we obtained a big settlement from the non-liable employer for damages.

$2.35 Million

Verdict / Settlement

A victim of a burn injury has a long, painful recovery road to walk with the potential of long-term mental anguish. From making sure that the medical treatments are completed to worrying about possible infection and loss of income, a victim of a burn accident doesn’t have to walk the road to recovery alone. A burn injury attorney can help a victim get the compensation they need while also helping to create a less stressful environment to aid in recovery by representing the victim to insurance companies and other defendants and protecting their legal rights.

Expert Legal Representation for Burn Injury Victims

When a burn injury occurs because of the negligent behavior of another person, the victim doesn’t just face painful medical treatments, loss of income, and serious long-term side effects that impact them for the rest of their lives. They are also affected by what is often a confusing, difficult legal process to get the help they need.

A burn injury attorney is experienced specifically in representing burn victims. This type of experience is vital because of the potential complexity of these claims. An experienced burn accident lawyer understands and relies on the necessary bodies of law to help their clients get the compensation they need and deserve.

The laws that may apply to an accident resulting in burns may include civil laws and criminal laws. Civil law includes and is not limited to negligence, car accidents, truck or motorcycle accidents, worker’s compensation, and product liability laws. While the State may pursue criminal charges in some of these cases, the civil laws must then be understood and applied alongside the potential criminal charges.

The right burn accident lawyer understands and is trial-tested in the proper areas of civil law so that they can help their clients through their recovery journey. Kermani LLP provides support to burn accident victims from day one.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Everyday Life

When you think of burn injuries, you probably think of a house fire or car accident…things that perhaps don’t create a risk for you on a daily basis. Yet, the causes of burn injuries are often more common than people realize. While house fires and car accidents can and do cause painful burns, the most common causes of burn injuries in everyday life include:

  • Flames from a fire. This isn’t just a house fire. It could be a bonfire, fireplace, stove, or anything else that can create a flame.
  • Steam burns. Serious steam burns may occur in many circumstances. Two common ones include working in a kitchen environment and working in a boiler room. 
  • Chemical burns. Chemical burns can happen at home when cleaning up, on the job, or even when working on a vehicle. 
  • Burns caused by exposure to electricity. This can be a shock from an outlet, a burn caused by malfunctioning electronics, and working with or near electricity. 
  • Explosions. Explosions occur more often than many realize. It can happen in accidents, with the use of products, or even cleaning products. 
  • Contact burns. Contact burns occur when the victim’s skin comes into contact with a hot object of some kind. 

Specialized Legal Services for Burn Injury Victims

When you’re a burn injury victim, you have more than enough on your plate with your medical treatment and recovery. The burn accident lawyers of Kermani LLP provide focused services for our clients as they recover. They:

  • Collect and secure evidence.
  • Represent clients involved in insurance claims or disputes.
  • Help ensure clients get the treatment they need and that medical providers get paid.
  • Negotiate compensation through settlement or during trial.
  • Zealously provide advocacy if trial becomes necessary.

How Kermani Law Firm Advocates for You

The burn injury lawyer you work with from Kermani begins advocating for you on the day your case is accepted. Whether it’s appearing in and negotiating on your behalf during an insurance settlement conference or going to trial, Kermani utilizes the best evidence, experience as a skilled negotiator, and trial-tested litigation strategies to help prove your need for compensation.

Your burn injury attorney talks to the insurance company and other defendants, wgile your job is to get better. Meanwhile, Kermani attorneys will guide you and your claim through the legal process.

Navigating the Legal Landscape: Kermani’s Approach to Compensation

The Kermani LLP approach to compensation for each burn injury victim:

  • Begins with reviewing the facts around the claim. The facts surrounding the claim help the client and their burn lawyer have a better understanding of any potential long-term issues as well as the severity of the skin burns.
  • Includes a review of records and bills. Reviewing and understanding current and future medical treatment needs helps determine the amount of compensation you may need for your long-term recovery.
  • The evidence is examined and reviewed. This helps your burn injury lawyer better understand the cause or causes of your injury along with understanding which laws may apply. For example, if you’re burned in a car accident, the other driver may be negligent. Yet, if the other driver lost control of the vehicle due to a product or part malfunction, laws related to product liability may also be part of your claim. 

Your Journey with Us: From Consultation to Compensation

Start your journey to recovery with Kermani LLP now. From your free, no-obligation consultation through compensation, your burn injury law firm will be by your side to protect your best interests and legal rights every step of the way.

Ray Kermani
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What steps should I take immediately after sustaining a burn injury?

You should report the incident immediately after a burn injury. If you’re at work, then tell a manager. If you’re on someone’s property, then let the property owner know. This step will help them secure the dangerous situation to avoid more injuries. Next, get the medical care you need to recover ASAP. Keep a record of your medical bills and any diagnosis you receive. From there, it might be best to call a burn injury attorney.

How is liability determined in burn injury cases?

After a burn injury accident, liability will be determined by:

  1. Identifying who or what caused the accident.
  2. Determining whether a legal duty of care existed.
  3. Reviewing evidence to prove the legal duty of care was breached.

In general, the party who had a legal duty of care and failed to uphold it will be considered liable for the losses associated with the burn accident.

What types of compensation can I claim for a burn injury?

After a burn injury, you can claim compensation for economic and non-economic damages. This includes expenses like medical bills, lost wages, future medical costs, and pain and suffering.

What is the average payout for burns?

Burn injury settlements vary depending on the severity of the burn. First-degree burns, on average, lead to settlements around $21,000, whereas a serious third-degree burn could result in settlements exceeding $500,000. The typical burn injury settlement award ranges between $25,000 and $75,000.

Can you sue for first-degree burns?

Yes. First-degree burns only impact the outer layer of skin, but they can still be very devastating and lead to a host of financial losses. If the burn is keeping you from going back to work or requires a significant recovery period, then it might be best to seek a compensation claim.

Can I pursue a case for a burn injury at work?

It depends on the situation. Most work-related injury claims are resolved through worker’s compensation claims, but your circumstances might lead you to seek a claim against a negligent third party or an employer who didn’t have the proper insurance policy as required by law.

How does an attorney assess the value of a burn injury claim?

An attorney determines the value of a burn injury claim by adding up all your economic losses based on the documentation you provide. Then, they'll consider your non-economic losses and add that to your claim.

How long does it typically take to settle a burn injury case?

It can take anywhere from a few months to several years to resolve a burn injury case depending on the complexity of your claim, the severity of your losses, and the other party’s legal team.

Are there any specific qualifications I should look for in a burn injury attorney?

You should look for an attorney who has specific experience handling burn injury claims in your local area. To make sure you hire the best lawyer possible, consider researching the lawyer’s past case results and reviews from past clients. Schedule a free consultation with burn injury attorneys at Kermani LLP who have the right qualifications, experience, and time to take on your claim.

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When I was hurt in a bike accident last year, a friend recommended I get a lawyer and sent me to Ray Kermani. Ray and his team knew exactly what needed to be done and took care of everything.

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Ray is one of the easiest people to work with. His communication is great and he always walks you through the steps. I was little down after my accident. He got me paid quickly and way more than I thought was even possible. He goes the extra mile.

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The staff is super friendly, approachable and responsive. They provide one on one attention, unless most law firms that just answer calls and want you money.

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They took what was a complicated case that most law firms wouldn't touch, and turned it into a large six figure judgment.

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Best law firm. They know how to win a case at trial, unlike most law firms that advertise as such. They will push every button that needs to be done to win your case. I was super satisfied.

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