Our recent verdicts and settlements

Maggio v. First Solar Corporation

Construction worker electrocuted on job site after safety procedure failure by First Solar Corporation. Kermani LLP recovered $51.3 Million for the Plaintiffs severe injuries.

$51.3 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Siddique v. Confidential

A child was tragically killed at a major retailer and our team fought to obtain the largest child wrongful death settlement in Georgia history.

$7.5 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Salah v. Confidential

A small company attempted to unjustly deprive our clients of their rightful share of the partnership profits. Kermani LLP's aggressive litigation led to court-ordered millions for our clients prior to the company's bankruptcy.

$4.49 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Tufele v. Confidential

Our clients were assaulted by a criminal gang at a bar. Through diligent investigation, we exposed the landlord's questionable history, resulting in a successful $3.1 Million settlement from the landlord.

$3.1 Million

Verdict / Settlement

Faiz v. Confidential

Our client's daughter experienced an incident on the freeway, resulting in her death, caused by a motorist with insufficient insurance coverage. With aggressive litigation, we obtained a big settlement from the non-liable employer for damages.

$2.35 Million

Verdict / Settlement

For more than a decade, the bicycle accident law firm of Kermani LLP has provided knowledgeable and compassionate advocacy as the premier litigators for the cycling community. If you have specific questions about a potential case, schedule a free compensation with the cycling accident lawyers of Kermani LLP.

Why Choose Kermani Bicycle Accident Lawyers?

Kermani LLP’s award-winning litigators have recovered a total of more than $100 million on behalf of their clients. By choosing Kermani as your bicycle accident law firm, you get legal representation and advocacy from seasoned attorneys who want to make sure that you and your claim are treated fairly.

The award-winning team of Kermani, LLP is in the top 100 trial lawyers according to The National Trial Lawyers. They’re also an Avvo Clients’ Choice Award winner.

What Are the Frequent Reasons Behind Injuries in Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle injury claims can be incredibly serious matters depending on the injuries received. Some of the most frequent causes of cycling accidents include:

  • Not providing the legal right away;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Drivers not seeing a cyclist in or near an intersection;
  • Aggressive driving;
  • Driving while under the influence;
  • Ignoring a traffic light or sign.

All riders and drivers must understand their rights and responsibilities to share the road. That, along with understanding when bicycle injury accidents are more likely to occur, hopefully helps everyone on the road a little safer.

However, if you’re involved in a bicycle accident, it’s important to know what to do.

Immediate Steps After a Bicycle Accident

A bicycle accident can cause serious injuries. If you’re involved in one, do the following, if possible:

  1. Call 911. This dispatches emergency medical care and the police. Responding officers will take an accident report, while paramedics will help you get the emergency care you need.
  2. Take photos or video of the scene. Photos and videos of the scene may help support your case for compensation. Document the weather, the time of day or night, the road or area where the bicycle accident occurred, any road construction, injuries at the time of the accident, and damage to the bicycle, vehicle, and other property. 
  3. Follow-up with medical care. If you don’t have serious injuries, it’s crucial to get both immediate and follow-up care. Many internal injuries have few obvious symptoms. 
  4. Schedule a case review with a bicycle accident attorney. A bicycle accident lawyer is an attorney who focuses on the laws and ordinances surrounding this type of claim. The litigators of Kermani LLP provide free case reviews to the cycling community. 

What Compensation Is Available After a Bicycle Accident?

A victim of a bicycle accident may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and property damage. Some types of compensation that you may receive include and may not be limited to:

  • Current and future medical expenses;
  • Property damage expenses;
  • Lost wages or income;
  • Disability;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of enjoyment;
  • Emotional distress.

Starting Your Bicycle Accident Claim

Your bicycle accident claim starts when the accident is reported to the police or insurance company. The insurance company may request a recorded interview. They may want to settle, but it’s important that you get the compensation you need. Before you sign anything sent to you from an insurance company or before you give a recorded statement, make sure that you’ve had your claim reviewed by a bicycle accident attorney who is looking out for your best interest.

A bike crash lawyer can help you understand if you’re being treated fairly. They can also provide legal advocacy in the courtroom. Make sure that your claim is handled appropriately! Hire Kermani, LLP, a bicycle accident law firm with over ten years of experience both in and outside of the courtroom.

Services We Provide

Kermani, LLP assists the cycling community when they have bicycle injury claims. From negotiating with the insurance company to developing a trial strategy to successfully litigate a claim, Kermani’s cycle accident lawyers look at the facts making up each case. 

Kermani’s Bicycle Accident Claims Process

To start the claims process with Kermani:

  1. Schedule a free claim review. 
  2. Attend your medical appointments and take care of yourself.
  3. A bicycle injury attorney represents you when dealing with the insurance company both during negotiations and, if necessary, litigation.
  4. Your bicycle injury attorney keeps you informed and involved. 

Kermani’s Dedication to Your Recovery Journey

Kermani LLP is the cycling community’s choice for bicycle accidents. Kermani focuses on protecting your legal rights and best interests so that you can get well. Your bike wreck lawyer understands that this experience can have life-long consequences. Their goal is to help you get your life back. With more than $100 million recovered for victims, the passion for advocacy to ensure their clients are taken care of shines through. Schedule your free consultation with Kermani LLP now.

Ray Kermani
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Who is usually at fault if a bicycle is involved in an accident?

It depends. Both drivers and bicyclists have a legal duty to provide for the care and safety of everyone else on the road. This is why both parties could breach that duty by violating traffic laws, getting distracted, or being careless while driving or riding. The party who is negligent and causes the crash will be considered at fault for the accident.

How can a bicycle accident lawyer help me?

A quality bicycle accident lawyer can help you properly evaluate your losses, consider your legal options for recovery, help you collect evidence, and ensure that your claim is as strong as possible. Once you present your compensation claim, a lawyer will negotiate with the other party and represent you in court if your case goes to trial.

Do I need a lawyer if the accident was minor?

Even minor bicycle accident claims can be difficult to resolve if you’re caught up in a battle with insurance adjusters or the other party’s legal team. That said, you’ll want a lawyer if the other party is invalidating your claim or complicating your situation.

How does a lawyer calculate the value of my bicycle accident claim?

A personal injury lawyer will calculate the value of your bicycle accident claim by adding up all your economic losses and considering the extent of your non-economic losses. Economic losses are easy to value and will be based on the evidence you produce that shows the costs of your injury or losses. This could include medical bills, repair estimates, wage statements from an employer, and more. Non-economic losses, like pain and suffering, will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Can I still claim if I wasn’t wearing a helmet during the accident?

Yes! California is a pure comparative negligence state, which means you can collect damages even if you’re partially at fault for your injuries by not wearing a helmet. In Georgia, you can collect compensation as long as you were less than 50% at fault for the crash. The amount of your compensation award will be reduced based on your perceived percentage of fault.

What if the driver who hit me was uninsured?

If you get involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, then you may still have options. For one, you could consider filing a claim with your insurance provider. Depending on the extent of your losses, you may be able to get the compensation you need through your policy. If your losses exceed your policy limits or if you do not have a policy that covers you, then you may still be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who hit you.

How do I choose the right bicycle accident lawyer?

You can choose the right bicycle accident lawyer by searching your local area for attorneys who focus on bike accident claims. Schedule a free consultation with Kermani LLP's trusted bicycle accident lawyers who have a successful track record of handling such cases.

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Due diligence got me only so far as I went through three seemingly great law firms before finding Kermani LLP right here on yelp. They were fantastic.

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Mary W.

Former Client

When I was hurt in a bike accident last year, a friend recommended I get a lawyer and sent me to Ray Kermani. Ray and his team knew exactly what needed to be done and took care of everything.

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Anna F.

Former Client

Ray is one of the easiest people to work with. His communication is great and he always walks you through the steps. I was little down after my accident. He got me paid quickly and way more than I thought was even possible. He goes the extra mile.

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Seema P.

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The staff is super friendly, approachable and responsive. They provide one on one attention, unless most law firms that just answer calls and want you money.

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They took what was a complicated case that most law firms wouldn't touch, and turned it into a large six figure judgment.

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Best law firm. They know how to win a case at trial, unlike most law firms that advertise as such. They will push every button that needs to be done to win your case. I was super satisfied.

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