After experiencing a personal injury accident, you’ll likely have to deal with an insurance adjuster along the way towards getting the financial compensation you’re entitled to receive. Insurance adjusters are crafty, though, so you need to be aware of the secret tactics they use in an attempt to minimize your claim.

Understanding Insurance Adjuster’s Strategies

When you get hurt in an accident that was someone else’s fault, it makes sense to think that person will step up and do the right thing. Unfortunately, reality is rarely that straightforward. The responsible party will always have an incentive to minimize your claim and reduce their liability. For that reason, you can’t trust insurance adjusters, even when they seem to be on your side. Never forget that the adjuster works for the insurance company, so they aren’t going to be your best advocate when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve.

In fact, there’s a hidden trove of insurance claim adjuster secret tactics that your adjuster might pull out of their hat in an attempt to get your claim reduced. If you aren’t paying close attention, then you could fall victim to one of these scams. Below, we’ll go over four of the most common tactics insurance agents use that you need to know about.

Tactic 1: Quick Settlement Offers

One of the most common and infamous insurance claims adjuster tactics is to offer a prompt settlement very quickly after receiving the documents related to your claim. At an initial glance, you might think that receiving a fast offer is a clear sign that the insurance company is working in good faith with you to resolve the situation but take heed and look at the offer closely before accepting anything. In many cases, this initial offer is not only a low-ball figure but also nowhere near comparable to the actual losses you experienced.

Offering a fast settlement is often an effective strategy for insurance companies because it preys on your lack of knowledge, naivety, and financial distress. Since you’re already experiencing financial losses, you likely need that compensation quickly. Adjusters know this, so they hope you’ll simply accept what they offer you without thinking twice about whether the amount is truly reflective of your losses.

Insurance adjusters also know that you likely aren’t sure about how the process works. They hope that you don’t truly know how to value your claim or how to secure the right evidence that will force the insurance company into paying you what you deserve.

Tactic 2: Asking to See Your Medical Records

Asking to see your medical records, police report, or other details about your accident is another type of strategy adjusters will employ. These types of adjuster tactics give the insurance company access to more information, which gives them more ability to poke holes in your story, cast doubt about the extent of your injuries, and question your claim’s validity overall. These types of insurance adjuster tricks rely on your naivety since you’re likely to assume the adjuster simply wants proof that backs up your statements. Unfortunately, they may be looking for a way out of paying you rather than simply wanting to see evidence of your losses.

Tactic 3: Downplaying Injuries and Using Statements Against You

One of the most common adjuster strategies employed by bad insurers is to attempt to downplay your injuries so that the company can pay you less. Your medical records may say you have a broken leg, but if your insurer can coax you into making a statement like “My broken leg doesn’t impact my ability to work”, or “My pain isn’t that serious”, reduce the compensation you’re eligible for. This type of tactic is among one of the most deplorable of insurance company adjuster tricks because you are likely conversing with the agent in good faith, while they are simply looking for you to say something that can derail you. Most communications with an agent will be recorded, so it’s best to say the least amount possible and let a lawyer handle the rest.

Tactic 4: Why Adjusters Discourage Lawyer Consultations

During the adjuster negotiation stage, you might make a comment about needing a lawyer. One of the tricks insurance adjusters use is to discourage you from hiring legal representation. They may downplay the seriousness of the situation or say that they will work with you fairly. The main reason for this is because the adjusters don’t want you to be aware of the full extent of your rights and options.

What Should You Do When Faced with Insurance Adjusters’ Tactics

Have you recently come across one of these tactics as you go about the claims process? If so, then you know firsthand that obtaining the injury compensation you’re entitled to under the law isn’t as easy as knowing your rights and attempting to leverage them. You’ll face resistance every step of the way. The good news is that there are countermeasures you can deploy to ensure a swift victory. Here are a few tactics you should consider that will help you reach success when dealing with an adjuster.

Tactic 1: Get a Lawyer to Handle Your Insurer

Anytime you experience an insurance dispute, consider hiring legal representation to resolve the problem. The right legal aid will prove invaluable, especially since you won’t have to personally deal with your insurer unless you want to. Once you hire a lawyer, they can field all communications with your adjuster for you. 

The legal professionals here at Kermani LLP have been dedicated to securing justice for the last 13+ years. If you want to become our next success story, then we’re ready to move forward with your claim.

Tactic 2: Know the Value of Your Claim

If you don’t want to hire a lawyer, then your next best strategy is to ensure you fully understand the claim valuation process. The value of your claim should take into account all your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and non-economic damages. Once you know the worth of your claim, you won’t accept less than what you deserve.

Tactic 3: Know Your Rights and Leverage Them

Your compensation fight will be all but impossible if you don’t know your rights or how to properly leverage them. That said, if you don’t want to hire a lawyer, then it’s best to take the time to fully research the law and your rights. Statute of limitations laws typically give you up to two years from the date of your injury to pursue legal action, so you have the time to invest in researching the situation before pressing forward.

Tactic 4: Get to Know Your Policy In-Depth

Insurance adjuster tricks often use your lack of knowledge. That said, the best insurance resistance is to ‘know thy enemy’. Denying liability won’t be as easy for an insurer if you are well-informed regarding their own policy. Read through your policy in full. This will give you more power during the negotiation process.

Being aware of the tactics of an adjuster to minimize a claim will help you avoid falling victim to these schemes, but often knowledge isn’t enough. You’ll also need to know how to manage and counteract these tactics to ensure your claim is appropriately valued.

If you’re looking for solid legal representation to help you navigate your personal injury situation, Kermani LLP is here to help! Schedule a call with our office now to discuss the details of your accident with one of our best representatives.

May 29, 2024

Ray Kermani
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